Truffle Hunting

Fly, pig and dog, the 3 friends of the truffle hunter on the track of truffles.

Truffle Hunting with a fly

Looking for the fly : the idea is to observe a very particular long golden fly that hides among the dead leaves and stones in the truffle fields . the fly lays eggs exactly where the mature truffle is. The truffle hunter will do his work on a sunny day around midday, in his hand a branch of hazelnut tree. He must sort of sweep the ground from right to left to spot exactly from where the insect flies away, that’s where the truffle is.

To succeed you must have a good eyesight and patience.

Truffle Hunting with a pig

the pig has a special instinct for truffles. He will never stop looking for it , with his snout, he searches the soil where a mature truffle is. He’s very cunning and have a privileged relationship with his owner. When he finds the truffle, you have to be very quick and push him away with a stick, a treat will avoid him eating the truffle. I remember when I was a child I followed a « caveur » and his pig near Paussac Saint Vivien in Périgord. In the car, the sow was seating proudly on the passenger seat, what a nice couple they were on their way to the « truffière » !

Truffle hunting with a dog

Some «Truffle hunter» use a dog, a few weeks of training are enough for most dogs. The close relationship with his master and the natural pleasure of a game ,will develop their ability to look for truffles. All breeds can be good for truffles. the dog must be obedient, and he will do what he’s being askde just to please his owner.
Once on the spot, the dog, thanks to his sense of smell, will go straight to where the truffle is and show the place with his paw.
The « caveur » will then dig it out.
Dogs only look for mature truffles.
The key to success is a good training and close relationship between master and dog.

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