A truffle harvester with experience and know-how

Your truffle harvester provides quality products, such as black and white truffles harvested on the Alain Truffes estate.

A producer of truffles offering fresh, quality products

The truffle is a product harvested over the seasons and your truffle harvester will suggest you different varieties of this local product. Périgord truffles are cultivated in the area which has a land suitable for the development of this local treasure. You can get your supplies directly from your producer who will carefully select the coveted product to make you enjoy all the subtle flavors and powerful aromas of the truffle.

The black truffle, of its scientific name "tuber melanosporum" is very appreciated for the preparation of several tasty recipes. In addition, find the "tuber aestivum" which is better known under the name of the white truffle which is characterized by its hazel color streaked with ivory veins.

Truffle trees such as oaks or even hazel trees are essential for the production of truffles, because they provide all the nutrients necessary for their development while being in symbiosis with their roots. The tuber digging, your truffle producer is accompanied by a trained fly, pig or dog for spotting of the mushroom.

truffle harvester with his dog

Tasty recipes with fresh truffles

We offer guided and commented tours of the estate, on condition that you reserve your place at our table for the tasting of recipes prepared with fresh truffles in order to discover this treasure of the land and our heritage.

This product is appreciated by all gourmets and the occasions to cook it for the festivities are often an opportunity to enjoy its subtle flavors and powerful aromas. The truffle can be used in any dish, from starter to dessert. A menu based on truffles will highlight your dishes and your evening, which will certainly delight your guests. Simply arrange the truffle slices or pieces on a simple dish to add flavor.

Your truffle producer invites you to discover all the quality products for an ideal tasting.

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