Lobster with cream sauce

Ingredients :

1 lobster portion per person or for 2 people according to

the scheduling of the meal - chopped truffles - mignonette pepper -

fresh cream - 1 glass of cognac


Split the lobster heads in half lengthwise

all at once with a knife. They will not suffer.

Remove the tail by pulling. Reserve the coral if there is one.

Empty the gravel bag if the lobsters have caught any.

remove the pliers, flatten them on the board with a blow of the flat of the cutter

(not too hard). Put olive oil in a large pot when it is

almost smoking, grab the lobsters (tails, heads and claws).


Stir until the shells are red.

Add a generous amount of crushed pepper.

Flame up with cognac. Stir so that everything is flamed up.

Lower the heat, wet to the height of fresh cream. Cook for 10 minutes.

Remove the tails and claws, peel the flesh and keep them warm.

Coarsely crush the shells you have just removed

and cook them again in the cream. The sauce has to turn pink.

Then strain in another saucepan.

Handle the coral with a little butter and pass it through a fine sieve

over the sauce by pressing with a spoon.

Do it again with a fine sieve. Scalop the tails.

Add the truffles in "julienne", heat it up and serve!


A word from the chef

You're going to flame up the lobsters, the origin of this practice

goes back a long way. The flesh was flamed upwith alcohol to remove

the last hairs adhering to the skin.

The elders also flamed the flesh

that they offered to their gods.

the liaison with the coral is comparable with the blood liaison

of the stew. It should not be overcooked.

It's done at the last minute.

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