Ingredients for 6 to 8 people

200 g leek white - 250 g onions - 1 Kg squash - 250 g onions -

1 L of liquid cream - 200 g of truffles in julienne - salt - pepper


Sweat the onions and leeks in a saucepan

with olive oil. But they must be thinly sliced.

because we're not going to grind the cream.

For a past soup, they are cut in a more rustic way but for

this cream, we slice them very thinly, add a pinch of salt

Then cut the flesh of the squash into large pieces and add it to the pan.

you then put the squash flesh in the pan,

then wet halfway up with liquid cream,

and let the heat from the corner of the stove do the heat, the squash goes slowly,

slowly "compote", turn from time to time to help it melt.

It is now necessary to adjust the seasoning and reach a good consistency.

The color is splendid!

You can add cream or reduce it.

You don't pass this cream, you leave it a little rustic.

Add the truffles just before serving. It is necessary to use the truffle

almost raw, that's how it gives off the best fragrance.


Variant and addition

You can possibly present this cream with some croutons

of sandwich bread in butter.

Or better yet, choose a small squash, empty it of its seeds.

fill it with cream, season with salt and pepper, add a dash of garlic

and cook on medium heat for several hours to obtain the same result.

The cream in the squash is served as a soup tureen.


A word from the chef

If you can, choose plates according to the

colours: the cream will be pink with fine truffle sticks!

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